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Ritualcravt "Protection" Herbal Bath & Floorwash

Ritualcravt "Protection" Herbal Bath & Floorwash

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Ritualcravt Herbal Bath & Floorwashes are made with intention and the highest quality ingredients. Floorwashes are traditional hoodoo rituals of bringing in or washing out energies. Similarly one can use them for ritual bathing to wash their sacred self clean of energies or bring certain blessings in. Each blend is also great to use for candle dressing.

Protection: A sacred blend to help protect one’s self from harm or evil doings.
Ingredients: Basil, bay leaf, ginger root, rosemary, angelica root, fennel, dill, vervain, and basil essential oil.

Instructions: Bring herbs to a boil in a saucepan of water and reduce to a simmer for 20-30 minutes. Strain off the herbs and pour the water into your mop bucket or bath. Wash your floors well or your sacred self to deeply shift energies. You may also like to wash your windows or mirrors, or place some in a spray bottle to mist your space.

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