Collection: Counsel Langley ONEOFONES Exclusive Print Collection

Counsel Langley (Alaska)
ONEOFONES Art Print Collection
Exclusively at Ghost Gallery

Presenting a special collection of 10 Fine Art Embellished Prints featuring zoomed-in, detailed sections of Counsel's original paintings. She has extracted her favorite details, enlarged them and turned them into standalone pieces based on an 11 x 17 inch dimension in singles, diptychs, and triptychs. Printed on premium, matte fine art paper and lightfast inks, with embellishment materials including acrylic, graphite, colored pencil, and gold leaf.

Artist Statement: 

I think in terms of a ZOOM in/ZOOM out quality of life: zoom in on the immediate:  food, jokes, bills, lovers, traffic, temperature . . . zoom out: oceans, volcanoes, solar system, sugar molecules in space, a planet made entirely of diamond, vast wastes, dark matter, universe, multiverse . . . repeat. This is wrapped up in a childlike sense that so much is happening all at once; tigers and happy hour exist on the same planet, Jupiter and Twinkies share a solar system.

Using acrylic paint, graphite, ink, as well as, collage with my own manipulated photography (often using actual photographs of a work in progress, flipped, repeated, resized and printed back into the physical to use in the work), generous amounts of glitter, paper, and various found materials. Much of my work comes down to finding  balance between two opposing approaches. One, loose painting techniques: dripping, pours, flow and scatters which effectively represent natural elements – weather, water, clouds, smoke, etc. And the other, using architects’ tools, templates and compasses to rigorously draw controlled lines, concentric circles, grids and repetitive dots; using these to reflect structures and infrastructures that we build.

I am influenced by the look of outer space, computer chips, dramatic weather, electric circuits, decay, rock-n-roll glamour, plans and diagrams, b-rate sci-fi control panels, urban environments, fluid turbulence, engineering schematics and architectural drawings, and, increasingly, the stunning good looks of the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.  In my work there are things that come up again and again:  Lost highways, nebulas, grids, geometric forms, mysterious powerful ladies who appear to be performing strange rites, mountains, animals, the woods, water in all states (solid, liquid, vapor), and cities, often isolated and/or in a state of decay.

All of my work is an attempt to find the balance between order and chaos.