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A Rural Pen

A Rural Pen - Writing Ink Made From Guns

A Rural Pen - Writing Ink Made From Guns

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Created by Thos.Little of A Rural Pen Inkworks (NC)
These handmade, bottled inks are made from dissolved guns. Each glass bottle is hand labeled, including a stamp with which kind of gun was used, and includes a stopper and wax seal. 

1.75 oz (51.75 mL)

Weapon to Word!
Vintage Formula
Gallotannate of Iron

*We have several bottles that have damaged labels - the ink is 100% fine, the labels just had some ink leaked onto them - available for $22

For dip pens, quills, reed pens and brushes. Not for use with fountain pens. Color depth may vary with paper type. We will pack each bottle very carefully for shipping, please note that there may be some slight leakage (cork/wax seal), so please open carefully.

Read more about Thos.Little HERE!


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