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Nightingale Originals

Nightingale Originals "Moonlit Messages: Adonis Vernalis"

Nightingale Originals "Moonlit Messages: Adonis Vernalis"

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Nightingale Originals (NH)

Moonlit Messages: Adonis Vernalis
Giclee art print, printed on archival quality paper
Measures 8”x8”, unframed

Floriography, the art of communicating through flowers, was a fascinating aspect of Victorian society. Every flower in the Victorian era was assigned a specific meaning, allowing individuals to construct messages and convey intentions through carefully chosen bouquets.
Despite its sunny yellow hue, the Adonis Vernalis symbolized sorrowful remembrances.

Lizzie is a self-taught artist using both traditional and digital mediums to create colorful renditions of the New England landscape.

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