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Feather + Bone

Feather + Bone "Blackberry Cuff w/Amethyst"

Feather + Bone "Blackberry Cuff w/Amethyst"

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Feather + Bone Designs (Seattle)

Blackberry Cuff

rosecut amethyst + sterling silver blackberry leaves + bracken fern + brass crescent moon = a talisman imbued with the magic of the forest.

for bringing protection, healing, and solace to sensitive souls during troubled times.
this sterling silver cuff measures 6" around plus a 1" opening.

"i am dianah, the artist behind feather + bone designs. i believe that everything we do can be a prayer, a ritual, a meditation. the things i create are handmade by me, featuring sterling silver and natural findings - usually a juicy gem rolled around in the belly of the Earth and buffed up by human hands.  each piece is handcrafted with a specific intention. hand forged with love, gratitude, devotion, honoring, and celebration. 'the making' is part of my practice. my hope is that 'the wearing' will be part of yours. i call it Sacred Adornment."

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