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The Living Altar

The Living Altar Oracle Deck

The Living Altar Oracle Deck

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The Living Altar (WA)

Ylva Mara Radzisewski and Kiki Robinson

The Living Altar Oracle Deck is a guide to The Witches Wheel and is intended to serve as both a tutelary and divinitory aide for the curious observer of Witching Ways, the novice Witch, seasoned practitioners, and the weathered Witches among us. With this deck we have built an altar of the seasons, the phases of the moon, the stations of the sun, the journey of life, and have made a holy embodiment of our most sacred relationship with the elements. Each card has been blessed with the elements and infused with spells to empower your inherent magic. You are welcomed to use each card as a focal point for your spell crafting and meditations, as well as an aid in skill set development. We also encourage you to engage these oracle cards as you would any divinatory tool to enhance your intuitive readings.

”The Living Altar is co-created by Ylva Mara Radzisewski and Kiki Robinson, and began in December 2017. The project started with the creation of an Oracle deck of 52 Ritualized Oracle cards and 14 Spell cards for use on your altar to focus your rituals and as a guide to support your intuition. The Living Altar began to become more than an oracle deck, and over the past year we have been working with Ritual Services for Collective Liberation. As all Magic is alive and sovereign, it naturally evolves. These altar services have expanded to an offering of personal healing spells for our siblings in arms and we soon hope to offer them to the greater community.

The Living Altar is a growing resource for the Radical Witch. Our Altar Services are equal parts Practical Witching & Ritual Art. From each altar service we facilitate we generate multimedia spells for our Community Grimoire. We intend for community to engage these spells to fortify and inform their personal healing and altar work. These Ritual Art Spells are offered for free as part of our dedication to our work as Community Witches.

​As queer, femme witches, and descendants of diaspora, we seek to embody a faithless devotion. The work of the Witch is to disrupt. Our commitment is to embolden the integrity, power, grace, and will of radical witchcraft. We see the work of the modern witch to account for, divest from, and dismantle settler-colonialism, cis/het normativity, white supremacy, and systemic kyriarchal oppression from our altars and our magics. The Living Altar focuses our rituals on the empowerment of those these systems seek to erase and destroy.”

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