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Labyrynthos Tarot Journal and Workbook

Labyrynthos Tarot Journal and Workbook

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Explore the tarot through the lens of your own inner world. By giving you simple keywords and prompts, they set the stage so you can expand on your own personal interpretation of the cards. Use your own life experiences to give each of the standard 78 tarot archetypes your own unique flavor while developing a more personal connection with the cards. From there, they guide you through short, daily readings with a tarot journal so you can experience just how tarot can help you find insight about your day to day world.

196 Pages
B5 Size - 17.6 x 25.0 cm, 6.9 x 9.8 in
Gilded edges
Vegan leather cover with gold foil stamping
Ribbon placeholder
Elastic cover band
Tarot deck sold separately
Use with any tarot deck

This Tarot Workbook is for:
Beginners looking to read tarot more intuitively.
Beginners looking for basic guidelines, patterns, minimal memorization and a more personal understanding of each tarot card.
Experienced tarot readers that are familiar with tarot, but also looking to refresh their personal connection with each of the cards.
Anyone interested in working with the tarot as a tool to guide self-exploration and conscious understanding of themselves.

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