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Labyrynthos Tarot and Astrology Workbook *Pre-Order*

Labyrynthos Tarot and Astrology Workbook *Pre-Order*

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Both tarot and astrology come from a similar root; they are both methods of giving our inner worlds an outer form so we can more easily explore and articulate complex inner processes and emotions. Using myths, stories and archetypal imagery, both tarot and astrology provide frameworks for a better understanding of the self. It is no surprise then, that there are so many correspondences between these two systems.
196 Pages

  • B5 Size - 17.6 x 25.0 cm, 6.9 x 9.8 in

  • Gilded edges

  • Vegan leather cover with gold foil stamping

  • Ribbon placeholder

  • Elastic cover band

  • Tarot decks sold separately

  • Use with any tarot deck

    ”Just as with tarot, we do not consider astrology as a method for fortune-telling, but as symbolic representations of unconscious, cyclical energy present during a particular time and place, describing a kind of emotional weather or climate. The images, such as the animals and creatures of the zodiac, are just memorable short-hands for more complex ideas. If you’re already somewhat familiar with either of these systems, this workbook can be the starting point for you to explore the other and relate the two of them in your own terms.”

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