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Ritualcravt Tjärved Smoke Wands

Ritualcravt Tjärved Smoke Wands

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Tjärved {tarwood} smoke wands used in Trolldom, Nordic folk magic tradition. Tjärved, sometimes called “poor people’s candles” are traditionally used as cleansing tools to clear, drive off curses, and unwanted spells and spirits. These wands carry a gorgeous resinous pine scent.

”An excellent alternative to palo santo and white sage! 100% sustainable, harvested from naturally felled trees, not a bi-product of the forestry industry. When a pine branch dies, it sends potent resins to branches to help preserve and protect it. These branches become tjärved; they light easily, are long burning, and smell beautiful. Using the elements of fire and smoke, they are powerful for cleansing and we are thrilled to bring this traditional tool to our clients. Smoke yourself, your home, your clients and objects. Use them whole or easily split into smaller pieces. Big thank you to my teacher in Sweden for access to this traditional knowledge.”

*Please note that this is a natural product and size and shape does vary. We will send out pieces comparable to the ones photographed!

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