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Peter Dibuz

Peter Dibuz "Fleeting Beauty & The Timeless Dance"

Peter Dibuz "Fleeting Beauty & The Timeless Dance"

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Peter Dibuz (WA)

Fleeting Beauty & The Timeless Dance
Available as an 8" x 12" and 10.5" x 16" fine art print
comes in protective sleeve with cardboard backing
signed by the artist

"I’ve spent my life creating and designing: from music, to granite carving, woodworking and custom furniture design, leather working, photography, knife making, textiles, cookery, the lamps and other functional sculpture. 
I’ve almost always stuck to craftsman/artisan as my identity and “functional” in the things I’d made. I don’t know if that was some attempt at practicality, or if I was hiding . . . probably both. I’ve always felt an affinity toward beautifully handcrafted objects; so, it was also attraction.
Until the Spring of 2022, when I took my first shot at painting.  Why?  I don’t know.  Perhaps it was on account of rubbing elbows with all these wonderful Fogues. I just wanted to see what would come of it if I gave it a sincere effort. And what came of it is that I discovered that it may be the most direct and effective way of communicating what it is I’ve been wanting to say . . .
 . . . “what a strange, exotic, and beautiful world we live in . . . did you see?”
The paintings are all done with India Inks on watercolor rag. I mix my own colors and shoot my own compositions, exploring the greater Seattle area with my camera (and searching for those moments when the words fall away and the world becomes light and shapes and movement)."

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