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Crystal DeRosier Labradorite & Sterling Coral Cuff

Crystal DeRosier Labradorite & Sterling Coral Cuff

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Crystal DeRosier (Hawaii)

Labradorite Sterling Silver Statement Decorative Coral Cuff (Acropora Speciosa Coral)

Wrap-around 5.75" (with measuring tape around silver band) from end to end
Diameter across the width is 2.3" and 1.75"
Setting 1.25" x .8" 
Medium: 925 Sterling Silver and Labradorite

This extraordinary Labradorite stone is showcased in a custom built .925 Sterling Silver cuff setting, with a smooth bezel edge to offset the gem. Hand sawn, coral-inspired elements adorn the edges of the bracelet. Affixed to a single wide band base and polished to a high shine.

There is a little give to this band which could be gently opened or closed slightly about 1cm or so.
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