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Claves Astrologicae: Astrology Oracle Deck

Claves Astrologicae: Astrology Oracle Deck

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Channel the cosmos with the Claves Astrologicae de Iris Sacra (translated from latin as roughly "Astrological keys of the Sacred Rainbow): Astrology Oracle to provide guidance, knowledge and inspiration for your everyday life.

• 45 cards total: 12 zodiac, 12 houses, 11 planets, 8 moon phases, 2 eclipses
• Gold edges
• Gold foil stamped box with ribbon closure
• Gold foil stamped card backs
• Poker size cards: 2.5 inches x 3.5 inches
• 350gsm sturdy, smooth matte cardstock
• Instructional foldout included. Also available in Labyrinthos App.

This astrology oracle deck is illustrated with vintage-inspired artwork and packaging, connecting the reader to an ancient past with with a refreshed interpretation.
Use this astrology oracle to explore the heavens, understand character traits, motivations and archetypal energies of those closest to you, and examine the complex relationships between you and the universe.
You don’t need to be an astrologer to read these cards. This deck can be used as an oracle deck, or a learning guide. With a foldout and an app with meanings and keywords every card, this astrology oracle deck makes the core ideas of astrology accessible to everyone.

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