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Arcana Iris Sacra Tarot Deck

Arcana Iris Sacra Tarot Deck

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The Arcana Iris Sacra, translated roughly from Latin as the "Mysteries of the Sacred Rainbow" is a vintage-inspired tarot deck, drawing upon the dense and complex traditions of the Golden Dawn, the Kabbalah and astrology.

Use the colors and their intensities to create additional layers of meaning:
∙ Red - Fire: Willpower and creativity
∙ Blue - Water: Emotions and habits
∙ Yellow - Wind: Intellect and ideas
∙ Green - Earth: Material world and sense of stability

Each card also contains a rainbow - the four colors described above - either swirling, twisting, moving or beaming - to help you understand the focus of each card and where the primal energy of that card lies.
• 78 cards total, 22 major arcana with 56 minor arcana
• 2.36 inches x 4.75 inches
• Full color cards with gold foil stamping on the back
• 350gsm high quality matte card stock
• Gilded edges
• Instructional foldout included
• Compatible with Labyrinthos App

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