Asha MacDonald, our featured artist for July! Now on View...

Asha MacDonald, our featured artist for July! Now on View...

Now on view for July! Olympia, WA-based artist Asha MacDonald, showcasing a selection of recent charcoal, oil and graphite ocean-scapes and portraits.
On view through Aug. 5th! Come by for Downtown Art Walk Friday, July 26th 5-8pm for some wine and to see these beautiful pieces in person...

Artist Bio:
For over 3 decades Asha has participated in juried and
museum art exhibitions, auctions, quick draws, public art
installations, and continues to benefit from gallery
representation nationwide.

A Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of
Massachusetts has enhanced a painting style and repertoire,
which continually expands to include figurative and natural
modes of realism. Her work can be found in numerous
collections throughout the world including those of a Tony
Award winning actor and a Grammy Award winning
musician. Asha divides her time as a working artist and
appraiser for an internationally known art and antiques
appraisal company and spent several years teaching art to
public school grades K - 8 in rural Montana.

As a native of Connecticut, Asha has traveled the world and is
proud to call Olympia, WA her current home. It is within the
Western landscape and study of the human condition that she
has found inspiration, allowing her work to evolve, and
capture the nature of her surroundings.
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