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Vanessa Lanza "Untitled IV"

Vanessa Lanza "Untitled IV"

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Vanessa Lanza (WA)

Untitled IV
Wet Cyanotype processed with ocean water, salt and sand; toned with citric acid and washing soda
Matted and Framed in black frame, 6” x 6”

I find endless inspiration for my art in the unique and natural landscapes of the Pacific Northwest. My artistic process involves using natural elements and locally foraged objects in my work, so that nature is not only the subject of a piece, it also plays an integral role in the creation of it. As a printmaker, this is particularly exciting because there is a direct storytelling aspect to it, as I am allowing natural elements and processes to shape the outcome of a piece.

My relief prints are hand-pulled directly from locally salvaged tree stumps, each tree ring telling the story of what that tree lived through. They carry stories, memories and wisdom beyond human comprehension. Cracks and changes in the wood over time reveal new and exciting patterns with each print.

My monotypes also incorporate woodgrain taken directly from salvaged tree sections. In those pieces, I try to convey the ubiquitous, life-giving presence of trees here in the Pacific Northwest.

In my cyanotypes, I utilize foraged and decaying leaves, ocean water, seaweed, sand and other found objects. Traces of these elements often remain and become part of the artwork.

My hope is that my artwork inspires others to honor, cherish and protect our natural surroundings.

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