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Unfettered Adornment

Unfettered Adornment "Illume" Earrings

Unfettered Adornment "Illume" Earrings

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Carriers of transformative power,
token from the space in-between,
a talisman holding the power in transition times,
I l l u m e is for the lover of liminal spaces.

Design Logistics :

  • Sterling Silver

  • Chain Connection from Front of Earring, to Secure Back Ear Nut

  • Features Natural, Clear Colombian Quartz Crystals

  • Oxidized Ombré-finish

  • Fully Hand Fabricated

Earring Measurements :

  • Ear Wire : .8 mm (fits standard lobe piercings)

  • Length : 7.5 cm - 8 cm

  • Width : 2.5 cm

  • Weight : Light-Medium (4.5 grams each)

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