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Unfettered Adornment

Unfettered Adornment "Expanse" Earrings

Unfettered Adornment "Expanse" Earrings

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This sterling multi-hoop design sprouted from an ongoing study of the elaborate traditional jewelry made and worn by the women of Southeast China. This design presented itself in a modern way, as a highly reflective kinetic mobile. The five graduated rings are perfectly balanced on a horizontal bar, and move individually.

Design Logistics :

  • 100% Sterling Silver

  • Fully Hand Fabricated

  • Earring Clasp is easy to open and close, & secure when worn

Earring Measurements :

  • Ear Wire : .65 mm (fits a standard lobe piercing)

  • Width : 2.25 cm

  • Height : 10 cm

  • Depth : 6 cm (largest hoop diameter)

  • Weight : Medium (11.5 grams each)

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