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Tyra Burks "Raw"

Tyra Burks "Raw"

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Tyra Burks (TX)

6.25” x 7” x 2”

Tyra Burks is a multidisciplinary artist, based in Dallas TX. Utilizing acrylics, coil-built ceramics, woodblock prints, continuous line drawings and words from journal entries to depict the exploration of the mind and memories and how they shape identity and lived experiences.
Unusual family dynamics, intersecting personal identities and battles of the mind have all shaped the ways in which she has deciphered the world and herself, in both productive and damaging ways. She’s using her artwork to reconcile the damage that she has done to herself over the years with these “othering” thoughts and finally accept and embrace every part of her being. Tyra’s artistry both mirrors and influences her intersecting identities, moving her closer to freedom with each creation.

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