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Trollbinde "Sublime Beast" Necklace

Trollbinde "Sublime Beast" Necklace

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There are many old stories that feature a serpent. This particular necklace was inspired by the “World Serpent”, or Jormungandr. “Earth Necklace” in Old Norse, Jormugandr is a monster-serpent who circles the Earth. It is thought he will eventually destroy the nine-tiered world. For now, spending most of his time in darkness and solitude, Jormungandr serves as Earth’s very own serpent necklace.

This necklace is a wearable illustration of Jormungandr and the Earth, made for those who wish to channel the energy of a world-sized serpent.

  • Vintage stamped brass with an antique-finish

  • Labradorite cabochon

  • Brass cast spikes

  • Toggle clasp

Length 26”, pendant 11”

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