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Tarot of the Velvet Moon

Tarot of the Velvet Moon

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Tarot of the Velvet Moon: A Bold, Sharp Tarot Deck in a Miniature Size

Measuring 2.5 x 3 inches, this miniature tarot deck is filled with the daily dramas and hidden magic of forest friends and their occasional human visitors. The Tarot of the Velvet moon is illustrated in striking jewel-toned imagery and flooded with the subtle shimmer of metallic gold ink, creating an elegant but subdued luster. It is framed with holographic gold edges and tucked into a sturdy cardboard magnetic box.

• 78 cards total, major and minor arcana
• 2.5 inches x 3 inches miniature size
• Metallic ink detailing (not foil stamped, for a subtler finish)
• printed on super-thick 400 gsm art paper
• Holographic gold edges
• Sturdy magnetic box with holographic gold details
• Foldout with keywords

"Because the design required extreme precision, I opted for metallic ink instead of foiling on each of the cards. Because foiling is hand stamped, that means we can't guarantee the exact placement of the stamps. Metallic ink does not have the mirror finish that stamping does, but is perfectly precise so we can layer ink over the exact pixels we want. It has a subtle sheen, like tiny flecks of glitter, which gives the card a more elegant look that I ended up falling in love with, especially on cards with large floods of ink."

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