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Tamed Wild

Tamed Wild "The Feminine" Spell Candle

Tamed Wild "The Feminine" Spell Candle

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"The Feminine" Spell Candle
Moonstone is sacred to the Goddess and represents the power she bestows upon us through the lunar cycles. Rose is the most revered flower and herb of the feminine, representing divine beauty and grace throughout time. 

Spell & ritual candles have been used throughout time to focus and direct intent while honoring and evoking the divine. These candles are dressed and enchanted with herbs, oils & crystals chosen for their metaphysical & magickal properties. Light your candle during prayer, meditation, rituals & spells. 
Candle colors are selected for their associations and use in candle magick. 
Each candle comes with instructions on how to use and details on the elements it is infused with and is made with scented soy wax.
"We always recommend cleansing your candle with smoke from a sage and charging in moonlight prior to use."  

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