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Moth & Myth

Moth & Myth "Spanish Moon Moth" Greeting Card

Moth & Myth "Spanish Moon Moth" Greeting Card

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The Faé Greeting Card Collection features:

“Indian Moon Moth” Vernal Equinox Card
“Hybrid Luna Moth” Summer Solstice Card
“Comet Moth” Autumn Equinox Card
“Spanish Moon Moth” Winter Solstice Card

Swirls of amber light gently enfold the stained-glass wings of a moon moth - an Art Nouveau dance of elegance and wonder. This beautiful laser-cut Greeting Card Collection was designed for Moth and Myth by Vanessa Garbini.

The collection includes 4 cards highlighting the solar-cycle, in colors drawn from the fairytale realm of 19th Century Vienna, where bohemian artists drew inspiration from the swirling forms of delicate long-tailed moths. Each individual card is accompanied by a moth to match its solar cycle phase; specimens inspired by moths so beautiful, they almost appear like real life faeries.

Each individual laser-cut card is accompanied by a matching heavy-weight paper envelope. The set makes a beautiful gift collection, or can be used individually for your personal correspondence. The Faerie-Tails Moths in this card-set are uniquely sized to match the greeting cards, with double-sided printing, and removable for use in artworks or projects. Moths and Greeting-Cards are RESIN SAFE!

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