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LUPANYXA "Weary Traveler / Red Eye" Necklace

LUPANYXA "Weary Traveler / Red Eye" Necklace

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LUPANYXA ((Loopah-Niksah)

Weary Traveler/Red Eye Necklace w/Red Amber
Red Amber, Zircon, Sterling Silver
Pendant measures 2" x 1.25"; sterling chain is 9" each side with clasp

*Features bright red amber, sometimes called Caribbean Amber. Below hangs a rose cut Sri Lankan zircon tear. Entirely hand fabricated in recycled sterling silver.

About the artist:
My name is Melina and I'm a self-taught Silver & Goldsmith and Artist. The name LUPANYXA (Loopah-Niksah) is inspired by many things. Lupus is one of the disabling and progressive autoimmune disease I live with. The word Lupa from the Latin word for "shewolf", and Nyxa is a variation on the Greek name Nyx: the primordial goddess of, and personification of the Night. It's my way of carrying that weight, as well as my ancestors with me. Together I formed these words into LUPANYXA. I feel this name connected deep within me.

I found my way to jewelry many years after working in the fast-paced costume, clothing and accessory design industries in Los Angeles. My one-of-a-kind jewelry is responsibly and fastidiously crafted and made by my two ragged hands here in my studio just south of Portland, Oregon (on the traditional and indigenous lands and village sites of the Native peoples of the Kalapuya, Chinook, Molalla, and the Clackamas), ever since I began making jewelry full time in 2014.

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