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Julia Y

Julia Y "Partnership- Libra, Doves & Yarrow"

Julia Y "Partnership- Libra, Doves & Yarrow"

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8” x 10” Art print of mixed-media illustration  "Partnership- Libra, Doves & Yarrow”

Original Art info:
”This 3-D illustration is a part of my Herbal Zodiac Series completed in 2019. Images were created with collaged pieces of hand-painted cut fabric, acrylic paint, ink, embroidery & threads suspended by nails. Each piece was created using symbolism from herbalism, animals, astrology and geometry to convey an intention.”

Intentions- Partnership, Love
Animal- Mourning Doves
Herb- Yarrow
Planet- Venus
Element- Air
Number- 10

Herbalism & Magic: Yarrow has been used in love magic, and newlywed couples would plant it in front of their homes to ensure seven years of happy marriage. Yarrow has been used in medicinal herbalism to treat wounds, reduce fevers, and stop bleeding.*

Astrology: Libras are considered to be equitable, diplomatic, peaceable, and good at compromise.

Zoology: Mourning doves mate for life and will seek out the same partner every year during mating season. Male and female parents collaborate in finding a nest site, building their nests, and hatching their eggs. Some bird species use yarrow to build their nests as it repels fleas and other parasites. Doves are often used as symbols of peace and love.

Geometry: The majority of Libra occurs during October, which is the tenth month of our calendar. The design contains two pentagons that combine together to make a ten-pointed star.

*Herbalism information disclaimer- Never take medical advice from a painting.

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