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How Queer Oddities

How Queer? Oddities "Hiraeth" *PICK-UP ONLY*

How Queer? Oddities "Hiraeth" *PICK-UP ONLY*

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How Queer? Oddities (WA)

"Hiraeth" - a Finish word that means "feeling homesick for a place you've never seen or been to before"
Found hornet nest with hornets, Swordtail butterfly, Dried Banded Hornets, Delias timorensis butterflies, faux pearls, elk teeth, raccoon teeth, pieces of white coral, faux florals/fungi, and dried natural florals enclosed in wood and glass wall mount   
17x17 inches across and 4" deep.
Ready to hang, or can be set on a table


LGBTQ community member creating art and curiosities with found, repurposed, and ethically sourced items. Follow them on IG!
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