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Eilisain "The Hunted I" Small Owl Talon Earrings

Eilisain "The Hunted I" Small Owl Talon Earrings

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Call upon the power and strength of birds of prey with talon earrings. There is a lovely delicate and striking combination of oxidized (blackened) bronze and high shine of the talon.
These are Eilisain’s most popular earrings, people love the edginess to them and the fact that they are created from real owl talons!

18kt gold plated bronze earrings measure just under 1 inch in length, and .50 inch width. Sits comfortably in earlobe. Earring posts and backs are made of sterling silver with a rubber insert to hold earring snug to ear. Castings may vary slightly however will retain the same form and shape.

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