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Anastasia Elizabeth "Evaporation - Acropora Speciosa and Rudis II"

Anastasia Elizabeth "Evaporation - Acropora Speciosa and Rudis II"

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Anastasia Elizabeth (Seattle)

Evaporation - Acropora Speciosa and Rudis II
Oil on Panel

10" w x 11" h (without frame)
11 1/4"w x 12 1/8"h x 1/2"d (outside measurements with black frame) 

"Evaporation - Acropora Speciosa and Rudis I", "Evaporation - Acropora Speciosa and Rudis II.", " and "Evaporation - Acropora Speciosa and Rudis III" uses the language of the historical still life to illustrate the passage of time and the fragility of the natural world - focusing on the extinction of coral with two species rendered in shadowy images on the wall behind, reminiscent of old family portraits.
One of the hallmarks and warnings of the demise of coral is bleaching - displaying a vestige of life - then moving on to no life at all, merely an empty tank, and images remain. The paintings offer a quiet warning and a reflection of the possible extinction."
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