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Anamika Venkatesh "Roses are RED - 3"

Anamika Venkatesh "Roses are RED - 3"

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Anamika Venkatesh (WA)

Roses are RED - 3
acrylic, oil sticks on paper
framed to 8" x 10"
ready to hang

Anamika Venkatesh, a native of Bangalore, India, is an abstract artist, masterfully wielding acrylics as her primary medium. Her profound connection with the world of painting, coloring, and drawing was forged in her formative years. Although she embarked on her academic journey in architecture, it was within the hallowed halls of her architectural studies that Anamika unearthed her latent talents in painting, sculpture-making, and photography, igniting her formal foray into the world of creativity.
Armed with nearly two decades of experience as an architect, Anamika's relocation to the United States presented her with an unparalleled opportunity to wholeheartedly immerse herself in the art domain.
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