Colección: Alexa Villanueva "Mystery Portal" June 2024

Alexa Villanueva: Mystery Portal
June 5th - July 8th 2024

“And the days move slow
But the years do know
That time couldn’t move any faster
Time couldn’t move any faster

When you passed through me
I passed through a door

Of letting go of everything that came before
And I know now
What every mother knows
Of what it is to watch your heart escape your chest”
- Wild Ceaseless Song by Alela Diane

"Passing through the door into motherhood is an experience that no one can ever fully prepare you for. Throughout my pregnancy with my daughter, I called this period of transition the Mystery Portal. Peering into the unknown, I spent many months in anticipation dreaming about what birth and life ahead might look like- only to realize that as long as I am a mother and human being on this planet, my journey of walking through Mystery Portals will never end.
Creating this body of work has helped ground me in the present: woven paper mirroring the repetition and delicate strength of caregiving, rich paints to reflect the Earth that has supported me, and carved out windows into the magical yet mundane moments of parenthood.
As I moved through each piece, my investigations became less about how we can find clarity while being in the Mystery, and more about the ways we can sit with the uncertainty that life brings and embrace it."

Alexa Villanueva is a Filipina-American mixed-media artist, tarot reader, and mother. She is the creator of lexa luna studio, a workshop where her offerings of The Future Ancestor Tarot deck, 1:1 tarot readings, and original artwork are held. Her work investigates the magic found in motherhood, ritual, and dreams. Currently, Alexa is on the journey of deepening her work as a healer by studying Art Therapy in graduate school as well as training to become a full spectrum doula. Alexa currently lives and works on Puyallup tribal land, otherwise known as Gig Harbor, Washington, where she lives in communion with her partner, daughter, and the wise evergreen trees that surround them.