Collection: Nahom Ghirmay: New and Recent Paintings

SEPT. 8TH - OCT. 10TH, 2023
*All pieces will be available to pick up / ship starting Oct. 10th. Contact us for info on shipping outside the US, payment plan options & more.

My artworks explore the complexities of identity and emotional experiences through a range of mediums. I'm fascinated by the ways in which we communicate our innermost feelings through our facial expressions and body language. I draw inspiration from the stories, ambitions, and worries of those around me, seeking to capture these narratives through my brushstrokes, charcoal marks, and carefully chosen color palettes.
I believe that art has the power to connect people across cultures and backgrounds. Through my work, I hope to foster empathy and understanding between individuals, and to create a space for meaningful dialogue.
Eritrean origin, currently living and working in Seattle, Washington.