Collection: Kendra Shedenhelm's 'Transformations: A Collage Story'

On view May 5th - June 5th, 2023

"I wanted something reminiscent of glass plate negatives from antique photography. I find it rich and intriguing (and a little creepy) how the process seemed to trap the spirit of the subject within the plate itself.
Additionally, not only am I hoping each portrait has a bit of the spirit of the transforming humanoid-creature, I'm hoping the viewer might also ask "Who took this portrait, and why?"
And, "Who loved them enough to keep it?"

About Kendra:

I grew up in Nebraska and spent much of my childhood creating art. On rainy days, I worked on my cartoon series for the “funny papers” and on sunny days, I would sell my paper creations to the neighborhood kids for a quarter. I entered poster contests in grade school and I created caricatures for my friends in high school.

After completing my BFA in Chicago, I immediately moved to NYC where I have been fortunate to work as a graphic designer, printmaker, illustrator, and artist since.

I now live north of Manhattan in a little village on the Hudson with my husband, our 14-year-old son, and two very important cats.