Collection: Donal Murphy "An Alphabet" Series at Stylus Salon

New and Recent mixed media work from Seattle artist Donal Murphy. Now on view at Stylus Salon, 2321 Second Ave (contact for pickup, local shipping rates + international shipping options).

Artist Statement:
"There is a science-fiction backstory to this collection of work. It proposes the idea that our environment is attempting to communicate with us by creating characters in an alphabet. Here, the environment has a consciousness and it manipulates matter to form these shapes, which we must interpret or decipher.
While the idea is very much fiction, I don't think it is too far from reality. Let's take something like a twister as an example, a dramatic event on a landscape in which particles are summoned into very precise motion.
A simpler example is just looking up at at dark clouds moving towards you, feeling a chill in the air and knowing what is about to happen. We interpret our environment all the time, that's the point from where I depart when making these works.
Also, I hope the works convey a sense of the beauty of the natural world and make people think about how their environment might communicate with them if it could."